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“My experience was a wonderful one! I had originally had some bonding on my front four teeth which had been desperately needed to be replaced. It had been about 23 years since I had had it done. It was old, thick and it had covered up some stains I had from our well water when I was younger. The process took about 3 hours long, but Dr. Pham and her assistant Kim were wonderful. I can’t say how much better my teeth look and I catch myself looking in the mirror just saying, wow! What a difference it makes! Dr. Pham is like a dental Da Vinci. She really takes her work seriously and takes her time doing the best for each and every patient. I love her bedside manner and she spoke to me like a real person. The whole office staff is wonderful and made me feel like I was worth every penny I spent. Thank-you Peninsula Dental Care! I will always remember what you did for me and how you made me feel.”
– Erica 12/2017

“I love the entire crew. The Dental Hygienist is the best in Newport News. My husband and I travel from out of town to get the services we need. We love them so much to travel 4 hours away. Dr. Pham is also as great as Dr. Becker, if I must say so myself. I love you guys! Keep up the great work. You guys are AWESOME!”
Lavitta 4/201

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